Diversity Thrift was created in 1999 by Jon Klein to raise money for the Richmond LGBT+ community. It was the fundraising arm of Richmond Gay Community Foundation. As the first of its kind in the city, Diversity Thrift served to fill a need as more and more people were coming out and the LGBT community was beginning to be accepted as mainstream. Diversity Thrift was able to donate thousands to other non-profits within the first months of opening. The organization was later known as the Gay Community Center of Richmond and continued to support other local non-profits. In 2015, the foundation changed its name to Diversity Richmond to reflect a more inclusive and expansive community. Since inception, Diversity Richmond has donated over $1 Million to local non-profits, largely through the success of Diversity Thrift and the generosity of those who donate merchandise to Diversity Thrift. Among the many organizations that have benefited are Health Brigade to ensure everyone can receive quality healthcare; Side by Side to support LGBTQ youth and their families;Jewish Family Services and Lutheran Family Services to help defray the cost of adoption and foster care; and Nationz foundation to support transgender services, housing support, and STD treatment and prevention.

Thanks to our donors, customers, volunteers and staff, Diversity Thrift continues to support the efforts of Diversity Richmond and thus the wider Richmond community, and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, a high quality shopping experience, and has regularly been voted one of the best thrift stores in the area. Thank you!

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