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1407 Sherwood Ave.
Richmond, VA 23220

3 Blocks Behind the Diamond off Hermitage

2 Blocks Behind Children's Hospital off Brook

Just 5 minutes from the Fan and VCU!

Pop Therapy
A Benefit for
Diversity Thrift

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Diversity Thrift Opens DT2 in the heart of the Fan! Read More.

Congratulations Diversity Thrift for having the "Best Selection
of Gently Used/Pre-Owned Furniture" in Richmond!


Thank you to the readers of Richmond Magazine for this honor!  





This House Love blog recommends Diversity Thrift!

" . . . peek around Diversity Thrift, which we highly recommend for all you Richmonders . . "

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Diversity Thrift is approximately 15,000 square feet of cool stuff and great bargains! We have five furniture rooms with both home and office furniture, more than 50 racks filled with clothes, shoes and clothing accessories, two book rooms with reading tables and chairs, a music room with record albums, CD's, audio and video tapes, a sports/recreation room, a kitchen items room, various shelves filled with knick-knacks, walls with art and frames, small and large appliances, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, pianos/organs and all kinds of other used and donated items.

I Heart Mini blog loves Diversity Thrift too!

"I keep finding neat stuff to fill up our poor little house with . . . "

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We are open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 to 6.


Donations are accepted seven days a week, except major holidays.
Donations are accepted Tuesdays through Sundays from 9 to 5:30
, and Mondays from 9 to 4:30..



Diversity Thrift is located in Diversity Richmond. All profits generated by sales at Diversity Thrift are used to benefit the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  Check out for more information about the Gay Community Center of Richmond.

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